Crossing Sudbury River

This book is dedicated to
the memory of Burr Nelson.




Crossing Sudbury River

Something Happened Here/ History, Lost & Found

Introduction/ 'Something Happened Here'
At Buzzard's Bay
Jury Duty
In the Wilderness
On the Pier Waving
From the Bookshelf of Suffering
Peering In
Startled in Colorado
It Seems Impossible
Under My Nose on Water Row
The Bowditches Must Have Been Good People
Wayside Mystery
Along the Ware River
Great Mystery in Great Barrington
Discord in Concord
Ozymandias Pays a Call on Southern Vermont
Sacred Hump
Brooklyn, of Ample Hills, Was Mine
Spuyten Duyvil
Waiting Field
Finding Waldheim

Crossing Sudbury River

I'll Take the High Road
Never Hands-Free
Traversing the Slush of Night
Mind's Eye
Yom Kippur Autumn
I Was the Kid
Happy Birthday on 128
Early Morning Exchange
Intimations of Mortality
Spending a Year At Walden
Together Again
The Macy's Parade Was Never Like This
Dividing Line
It's Not The Darkness..
The Grader
It took a Lifetime
Farewell, Too, To Water Row
At L-S, It Was Our Tsunami Too
It Was Vast
Down The Last Roads of Time
Same Old, Same Old
Going South 2005
We Hope You Felt It
To The Tintype Woman
Almost Dying On Water Row
On The Phenomenon of 'Absent Presence'
No Visa Was Required
In The Age Of Terror
The Math of Water Row
L-S Spam Jam Slam
Working Out
One Night At Walden Pond
Plains Sight
Life In the New Millennium
Pompeii Perplexity
Strains Of Music
Come Home To Me Now
Education Is Such A Mess
My Final Field Trip Went Something Like This
Never Easy
I'll Never Forget
I Remember
To Be A Teacher
On The Row
Last Waltz

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