For the 104th NY Volunteers, Saunder's Field,                   529 engaged; 23 killed; 118 wounded; 114 missing. I stood on your battlefields. I heard the screams. I smelled the smoke. I felt the terror. I looked out on            the same blue sky as they did, and the earthworks thrown                up by a passing century     were overrun as quickly as                     the trenches down the road. Deep in Virginia,                        on a peaceful         farmer's field, where not even a cow grazed, in this absolute           middle of nowhere, far from our manic streets and the       noise that means                   home, I found            a memorial to my fellow New Yorkers, a moment's             heroism scribed in         stone, in this place                         where something      once happened, and                 whispering, "Thank you,"                       was routed by    cannonades                   of silence.                             The Wilderness Civil War Battlefield Fredericksburg, Va. October 2000

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