Bronx Dreams

This volume is dedicated
to Sandy,
again and again,
for all the reasons.


Bronx Dreams
The Stonewalls of Kerry
Irish Ballads
The Lathing Of My Dreams
Like Fallen Leaves
It's Called Commuting
A Strictly Charcoal Sketch
A Long, Strange Night At The Wildflower Inn  
Autumn Fragments  
Jam Session  
This World Is Not A Clock  
I Can't Resist...
What's In A Name?
From The Bookshelf Of Suffering
Walden As Seen From The RR
Stranger In The Night
"Fasten Your Safety Belts" 
Stone Secrets
Lowell Soul Connector
For Your Convenience
Farewell to a Hill
The Nature of Words
Metronome of Memory
Deep South 2002
Odyssey Also
More Weight
The Ballad of King John
Fragments From a Father's Day
Found in a Drawer
Life's a Beech!
I Never Gave This Assignment
Hey, Happy Birthday
Brave New World
In The Zone
Got Them Analog Roaming Blues
Empty Nest

Right Number
The Fishing's Been Terrible
In This American Night
An Unplanned Meditation...
Big Deal
Finding Eric
American Gothic Contrarieties
The Friendly Skies of United
If You're Not A Squirrel...
It Had To Go Somewhere
Stop The War!
Drawing Water
A Memorable Class
Forbidden Fruit
Shock & Awe  
"Like A Mighty Stream"
We All Have This Dream
One Crossing Is As Good As Another
On Finally Meeting Mr. Jimmy Jackson
How Worlds Are Born
Come Out Old Moon
Ballet De L'Heron  
Something There Is That Doesn't Love a Line
I See You Now  
Night Vision  
Still Walled-In  
Suddenly Recalling
Unkindest Cut  
Taking It Too Far  
Gaping Wound  
Stark Raving  
Defeated (For Now)
Happy Christmas, 2003
What would MLK say to us this year on MLK day?
Transcendental Talismans
Water Row Alert
To A Vermont Scholar
The Shop Teacher
Art Is His Middle Name
She Wound The Clock
'First Mate'
This Was The Place
Iridescent Postscript
And So Farewell

All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
Contact Bill Schechter
Website by Altolus Digital