Bound Away

Bound Away Cover

"O Shenandoah I love your waters,
Far away you rollin' river,
O Shenandoah, I long to see you,
Away, I'm bound away,
‘Cross the wide Missouri
- Traditional American folk song

"LIfe is a voyage that is
homeward bound.
- Herman Melville


Autumn Cometh
No Relief
Naming Rights
On The Occasion Of My Death
I've Been To The Mountaintop
The Alarm Is Set
Remembering The Tsumani
So It Seemed
Last Light
There Is No Daylight Savings
On The Need To Study
Woman From The North Country

Poet Laureate?
New England Winter Darkness
Look Again
Hold Me Tighter
Bound Away l
Bound Away ll
Recovered, Almost
In Thoreau's Cabin (At Night)
The New Colossus Updated
'Vi Geyst Du?'
For Madelon Baral...
'It's A Great Art To Saunter'
Death Is The Deepest Hole
Thanksgiving 2007
You Know It When You Find It
Three Good Questions
'Borne On The Night-Wind Of The Past'
You Are My Clock
For My Father-In Law
Enlightenment, I Think
I Turned My Head
CNN Breaking News
Winter Has Set In
'Nisht Do'
I Stand Accused
Farewell To A Father
Garden Poem
Where Does It Live?
I Find Myself Caring About You
'So, Did They Happen To Mention...?'
We'll Miss Your Place Against The Sky
Waving Across The Reservoir
Raucous Caucus
Searching For The Best Answer
Time Out
What Is It Good For?
Fifty-TwoYears Ago
Thoughts While Gazing Out On Harmon's Harbor
A Tutor's Benchmark Memories
Mitch Levin, What Makes You Tick?
Silent Witness
Forget You Not
What You Said
The Counselor's Tale
Warp & Weft
My Scanned Heart
On The History Of Rivers
How A Universe Is Born
When I Grow Old
A Man Of The World
Taking Leave Of Lincoln At Long Last
End Of Days
For Danny
Beneath The Bridge
My Arboreality Reality
Sizing Things Up At The MFA
Just Flow On
Moving Nowhere, Dad
Texting Poem From Ethan
This Is Not A Poem...

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