Tempest Toss'd

For Sandy
My friend, my lover, my comrade, my editor


These Are The Carols I Hear
My Sabbatical: The Poem
This Poem I Dreamed
No Fear Of Flying
Hanging On For Dear Life
Glimpse From A Bike
Passover Story
Blowing In The Wind, Or...?
Momentary Confusion
A Question For Bush's Proposed National Standardized Exam
You Live And You Learn
Baseball Brouhaha
Line Score
Excuse Me. What Time Is It?
Near Mint Poem
At Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Lincoln-Sudbury...A Place Of Rivers
Remember The Children
Their Tickets Were Paid In Full
This Thing Slipped In
A House Divided
They Were Here
We Have Crossed
Connections, I Just Can't Make No....
The Posters Are Back!
Advice, Unasked For
February Twelfth
Roads Scholar
Under The Beech
No Surrender
Northeast Kingdom
OK, So It Was Just Foliage Season In Vermont
It's The Real Thing, Baby
Old Man & The Sea, Pt. II
Epic Thoughts, 7:23 AM
Hey Now, What's That Sound?
'You've Got To Keep Up'
Morning Request
You Can't Put This On Mastercard
Not A Found Poem, This One Found Me
'Moving Through Here'
Maple Ave
Morning Duet
The Whole Truth, Always
It's Good To Know
Love Has Its Claims
If It's Wednesday, It Must Be...
Escaping With Our Lives
Funeral Takeout
Color Studies I & II
On The Practice of Eating...
Dear Tammy
Think Again
It's Insomnia All Over Again
I Am With You, Edgar Allan Poe
At Half-Century

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