Echoes, The History Magazine

In 1984, in an effort to take "history into the hallways," the history magazine, Echoes, was launched. At the time, it was one of the only high school history magazines in the country. Its publication life continued for 10 years, and finished up with a bang: a book about the unusual 40-year history of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.

The most controversial issue was published in 1991. It was dedicated to the history and experience of gay Americans. On the cover, 9 Lincoln-Sudbury students faced forward in a line. One, wearing an L-S jacket, had his back turned. The headline read, "One in Ten."

This was one of the first open discussions of homosexuality and homophobia in a public school anywhere, and the news of the issue was carried across country on the AP wire. The staff received many letters, supportive and critical, from far and wide.

The courage of the Echoes staff helped to start a dialogue on homophobia at our school and at others. Ten years later, L-S was proud to have an active Gay/Straight Alliance and gay teachers who had "come out" to their students.


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