Water Row On My Mind

This book of poems is dedicated to...

~ the residents of Water Row. May they continue to serve as watchful stewards of this old Sudbury byway;

~ the Selectmen of the Town of Sudbury who have decided that all new fences and guardrails on the road must preserve the rustic aesthetics of the Row;

~ all my fellow travellers on the Row, the saunterers and the drivers, who are seeking something more than a shortcut.



I Can’t Resist...
Something There Is That Doesn’t Love A Line
Taking It Too Far
Water Row Alert!
Early Morning Exchange
Same Old, Same Old
Almost Dying On Water Row
The Math Of Water Row
Farewell, Too, To Water Row
On The Row
No Relief
So it Seemed
Last Light

All poems are accompanied
by photographs

Sudbury Town Crier article / October 12, 2006

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