MITCHELL 2007-2018

Never to be forgotten.

Do you want to say he was just a dog?
Sure, yes, most assuredly true, but
possessing more humanity than
many humans, gentle, quiet, Zen instructor for
the Universe, who despised the leash,
demanded respect, insisted on walking
his own parallel path, taking his time, teasing
out smells, drinking the finest wine from our ponds,
always delighted to meet strangers, smitten by kids,
tail-wagger to dogs large or small passing
by on the street, steadfast, loyal, stubborn,
food…ok…his one unbridled passion, occasionally
wild-eyed when young, one of the great
broken field runners of his generation before
settling into himself, but always knowing his
mind, looking out on the world, free,
aggravatingly independent, master of the
sit-down strike and street-corner stand
-off when you wanted to go left
and he right.

Take care dear friend, goodbye
boon companion, farewell to
the only black lab in the forever
home of my heart.

I will see your white feet flashing in
the night, running through my dreams.

Abandoned in Georgia
Rescued & loved in Massachusetts

All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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