back-alley scrapper,
a most “irascible Scotsman,"
in his red tartan,
so proud and jaunty,
that tail, a fluffy flag
of hope, flying high,
cute as hell,
a celebrity on
every walk, so
loving to the chosen
few, kind to children, but
not to be trifled with, this

fearless confronter of
Malamutes with all
ten teeth bared and
an unyielding four-point
stance, armed only
with his huge Pom heart
and a vast spirit
that tiny body could
barely contain, bequeathing
the continent’s worth of
space he leaves behind.

Aimlessly we wander,
wondering, "Is he still in the
in the laundry basket?” and
who will rescue us now?

Abandoned in South Carolina: 2015, date unknown
Rescuredby Leakhena: 2015
Loved by his new family and his late dog pal, Mitchell
Died: January 24, 2019
One of a kind.

All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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