The Golden Door

For my parents,
Ruth Lisa Schechter
Jerry Schechter

This last collection goes back to them,
with love and gratitude.


With Respect...
Birthday Card To You...On My 50th
To Lincoln-Sudbury
Shays' Rebellion Postscript
It Was Only Vacation
Under The Sturgeon Moon
Field Trips On My Mind
Close Call
Autumn Passage
Almost Too Much
My Cousin Joe
On Building Thoreau's Cabin...
At 3 A.M. I Am Thinking...
On The Pier Waving
For Dean Aldrich
But A Moment Ago
A Dirty Story
Dew Drops
'This is What We Were'
Good Work If You Can Get It
Happy Birthday
Columbus Day Blues
They Also Serve...
Watch Out!
On Hearing The MCAS Scores...
The Road Rejected
A Big Boy Now
Y2 Not This Millennium Bug
To Patty Bowdoin In Recognition...
Sunrise Surprise
No Rest
Watched Leg
Last Words
Not a Re-Enactment
A Whole Lot of Steps
For Tom Hooper
A Farewell...
In Praise of Buildings...
On the Menu
Returning to Ithaca
For Mom, Still With Us
So What's Cooking?
October 7, 2000
A Prayer
I Think This Happened
In The Wilderness
It's Called Hope
By The Dawn's Early Light
He Should Be More Hesitant...
01/01/01 (Minus 1) A.D.
She Remained At Home
Mending Mailroom Wall
Seriously Seeking Advice
Offical Personal Deep South Trip Report
Ballet Belarus
Spauldeen Hi-Bounce Ball
For Tom Puchalsky
Queen Bee
Hitting the Right Notes
The Day I Kidnapped Thoreau

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